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How to install and configure a universal forwarder on servers that are running applications in a Docker container?

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i was looking at Splunk docs regarding how to install Splunk forwarder and configure inputs to forward logs from Docker container. Unluckily, I could not find any thing. Can any one help me in what is the process to install and read logs from Docker container??

Thanks in advance

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Before I present you some possible links for further reading, I must state that I have not done this myself yet.

Back in 2015 Splunk blog had a development blog entry about "Integrating Splunk with Docker, CoreOS and JournalID".
In the blog post it explains how to integrate a universal forwarder into an environment where all applications are run in docker containers, and thus do not support regular installation of a forwarder. Docker container used for the Splunk forwarder is publicly available in the Docker hub. Source is available on Github.

I believe that the above mentioned blogpost would assist you in your problem.

Sorry that I could not assist you further with a solution.


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