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How to install a second Heavy Forwarder?

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Need to install a second heavy forwarder and doing so seems to be more difficult than it should be.

  • Is there a separate download for a heavy forwarder? I do not see such an instance in the download section, only universal forwarders.
  • If not, what needs to be downloaded?
  • How does it get configured?
  • Does the heavy forwarder require a separate license?

We have been told, via Professional Services that the heavy forwarder was akin to the universal forwarder in that it did not require a separate license. After opening a ticket with tech support, it has been stated that we do. Splunk documentation is robust but at the same time very arduous to work through and information from tech support & Splunk engineers is not always along the same path. I appreciate any direction anyone can provide to the questions above.

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Yes you can install a different HF. Use the same .tgz file you used for your other installation, but now "untar" that into a new directory.

No separate download needed. A HF is a full Splunk instance so you just need to use the Splunk Enterprise .tgz.

Configure it the same way as the first one. You will have a different web port, splunkd-port, etc but Splunk takes care of using different ones.

You don't need to use a different separate license, you can reference the license you have (somewhere in a Splunk instance of you environment functioning as a License Master)

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Please let me know if the answer was useful for you. If it was, accept it and upvote. If not, give us more input so we can help you with that

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