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How to index Windows event logs data and forward it to an external syslog server?

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I want to send Windows event log data from several domain controllers to Splunk to be indexed as well as an external syslog collector. I am currently receiving the logs in Splunk with no issues. The problem arises when I attempt to forward the WinEvent data to my syslog server. Once I enable the syslog service, I get flooded with all of my data being forwarded to the external collector. I only want the data from the domain controllers.

-Windows data is being sent via a universal forwarder with no issues.
-The data (only Windows data) needs to be indexed and forwarded over to an external syslog collector.
-Created new outputs.conf, props.conf and transforms.conf to output data to external collector.
-When the syslog service is enabled it is flooded with ALL of the data being sent to Splunk.
-Syslog Server IP:
-Port: TCP 514
-Splunk Version 6.3.3


defaultGroup = SymantecMSS

server =
type = tcp
priority = <13>
timestampformat = %b %d %H:%M:%S
maxEventSize = 16384





# This is stanza name which is defined in props.conf in point 1.




# This group name has to be same as defined in outputs.conf file
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You have not discriminated for your domain controllers in the REGEX inside transforms.conf. The period character says, "if the event has at least 1 character", then send it. You need to build a RegEx that says "if the event contains a hostname like this or an IP address like that", then send it.

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Is it possible to send data by Sourcetype instead of specifying a hostname/ip in the regex?

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Yes, of course, you have been doing just exactly that! But for this to benefit you, you would have to have the Domain Controllers sending to one sourcetype and everything else to another.

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