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How to index Infoblox data in Splunk?



I have seen a few posts on Infoblox > Splunk, but not much. Does anyone have infoblox data coming over to splunk successfully? I tried to point Infoblox to my Splunk heavy forwarder via udp but I am not seeing any data yet. Do I need to do via tcp? Is customization needed to be able to start seeing the data over on splunk ?

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I have collected the Infoblox log in CEF format and try to forward it from Universal Forwarder. But still struggling with data on-board.

disabled = 0
host = infoblox01
sourcetype = cef.log
index = infoblox

Appreciated if any suggestion or recommendation from Splunker.

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The TA is here:
(The TA includes some panels for DNS and one for DHCP.)

Documentation is here:


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There have been some conf files floating around, but Splunk is about to release a TA-infoblox soon. Let me know if you still need this.

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I'm interested in this TA as well.

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