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How to group multiple machines and user session time into a readable chart

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Hi all!

I am currently working on a dashboard metrics project that involves me attempting to create a dashboard panel that outputs the total number of hours / time spent on a set number of machines. In short, I need to:

  1. Group together a list of machines
  2. Calculate the total number of hours users are spending on said machine.

Here is what I am currently able to do:

I have created a search function that properly calculates the usage of each machine via log on/log offs. The information is broken down via the machine name, user, time logged in, time logged out, and total duration of each user's session in a single machine.

I hit a mental block on how to convert the total duration / time of each session and machine into a single readable format.

Thank you all in advance!

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Can you provide some samples of total duration / time and expected output?

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use tostring(X, "duration") in your own query:

| makeresults limit=1 | eval foo=303030 | eval duration=tostring(foo,"duration")
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