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How to force to set certain fields (host and sourcetype) for events from HEC local stanza for each token

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Is it possible to force Splunk to set up specific fields (sourcetype, source, host) from HEC local stanza
but not from event parameters?

For example if i have inputs.conf like:

description = test hec input
disabled = 0
connection_host = dns
index = main
source = test_hec_source
sourcetype = test_hec_sourcetype

Client can rewrite index, host, source and sourcetype if post in data json like:

  "host": fake_host,
  "sourcetype": fake_sourcetype,
  "index": fake_index,
  "source": fake_source

But in certain situations i need to deny modifications of this parameters. Of course i can do it with transforms.conf, but it is not convinient.


You should be able to override source and define sourcetype for HEC during configuration I know for sure. I don't believe you can for host. You should also be able to override fields using props and transforms at the indexers.


[<original sourcetype>]
TRANSFORMS-force_host = force_host
TRANSFORMS-force_source = force_source


FORMAT = <your_host>

FORMAT = <your_source>

FORMAT = <your_sourcetype>

The only thing I am unsure of is Splunk's order of operations. If it changes the sourcetype first, would it no longer see that sourcetype for the event and skip the host and source override? I would have to test but, if so, you should be able to just create a new stanza for the new sourcetype.

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you are right about HEC configuration if sourcetype, host and over fields are not defined in event.
But if sender define this fields, he will override valued defined in inputs.conf.

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In HEC configs, source/sourcetype settings come under the "per-token" settings:

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