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How to fix my HTTP event collector connectivity?


Hi All,

We are facing issues with receiving data through HTTP event collector. Below is our scenario:

source server ip :
destination server ip (search head local ip) :
search head url:
search head vip :
port : 8088

Now from source IP to which IP do we need to request for connectivity to port 8088??

Thanks in advance!


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HEC listens on your indexer (or forwarders). I don't see either listed, but that's where you need connectivity.


Agreed you don't setup HEC receivers on search heads. You typically setup a HF or group of them behind a load balancer. And those HFs send to your indexers.

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Yes Understood! So we have two indexers in our environment and no heavy forwarder setup.

So we need to enable HEC on those two indexers and generate individual tokens on each indexer and use both of them to send data through http??

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