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How to extract timestamp from JSON file


I am uploading a JSON file into a test index and I'm trying to set the timestamp for and prefix. The events in the JSON file always start as follows:

{'received': '2020-02-27 10:49:07', 'operator_id': None, 'sender':

I configured the Timestamp format as follows:


and the Timestamp prefix as:


and when I tab out of the field, I still get the message of, "No results found. Please change source type, adjust source type settings, or check your source file."

Is there something wrong with my format or prefix (or both)?


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Yes, JSON is not valid. Put keys and string values in double quotes like below, change Timestamp format to %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S and add new setting (under Advanced dropdown) TIMESTAMP_FIELDS = received.

{"received": "2020-02-27 10:49:07", "operator_id": "None", "sender": "A"}

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prefix is a word, letter, or number placed before another.

[your sourcetype]
TIME_PREFIX = received\':\s\'
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