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How to do a REST GET call output_mode=json with parameter count=0 to get a list of search peers?


I am using REST to get the list of search peers and cannot find a way to change the default of 30 results.

It should be done by setting count=0 as a parameter, but is does not work.

curl -k -u user:password https://domain:port/services/search/distributed/peers?output_mode=json&count=0

If I do:

curl -k -u user:password https://domain:port/services/search/distributed/peers?output_mode=json -d count=0

It is interpreted as a POST call which requires a name="something"


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Are you using bash or a shell that's interpreting the ampersand as a special character? does:

  curl -k -u user:password "https://domain:port/services/search/distributed/peers?output_mode=json&count=0"


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Yes, the "" fixed the issue. Thanks,

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