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How to create a script for DBConnect that adds an action to an existing alert?

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We use DBConnect to retrieve SQL data. We have a critical feed that is fairly stable. I added a retrieval for just the SQL row count. This is a Batch retrieval. I added an alert to let our team know when/if the SQL table 'Row Count' differs from what we actually retrieved. I'd like to add an action to the alert. Runing a script looks like the likely candidate. 

I need a script for DBConnect. The following line is from a log file indicating the Input name in DBConnect (Device_Inventory):

2020-09-25 03:33:00.001 -0500 [QuartzScheduler_Worker-9] INFO org.easybatch.core.job.BatchJob - Job 'Device_Inventory' starting.

Any help would be most appreciated. I'm trying to avoid a 24/7 response team for this data. 

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