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How to create a dashboard studio chain search with dropdown token?


Background I would like to create a dashboard with dropdowns that allow underlying queries to create chart to filter differently depending on dropdown values. For performance reasons, I'd also want the dashboard's to be powered by saved searches.


- Drop downs

- Saved searches on unfiltered queries,

- Chain searches to referencing saved searches and filter by drop down value



When I did the chain search with the drop down token value, the token does not get translated into a value. For instance: My dropdown's token is called "dd". When I did my chain search by " | search myfield="$dd$", the query does not return anything. If I open the entire search query, it shows I am trying to do:

<saved search query>
| search myfield="$dd$"

The expectation would be instead

<saved search query>
| search myfield="<my dd value>"

Is this not supported?

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@anewuser - Have you tried using the savedsearch command. -


An example could be:

| savedsearch mysearch replace_me="value"

Here your savedsearch itself would have token in it like:

index=xyz event_id=$replace_me$ ......


I hope this helps!!!

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It seems like it is indeed not supported:

In that case, what's the recommended approach to create a dashboard with saved searches that are filtered by dropdown? I'd imagine that is a very common use case.

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