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How to create a dashboard and set the sharing to "app"?

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I got this error message

com.splunk.HttpException: HTTP 400 -- Argument "eai:acl:sharing" is not supported by this handler.


This is my code.

private JobArgs createArgs(com.splunk.Service service,
final Dashboard dashboard,
final Zones zones,
final List<GlobalProperties> globalVars) {

JobArgs jobargs = new JobArgs();

jobargs.put(DASHBOARD_NAME.value(), dashboard.getName());
jobargs.put(EAI_TYPE.value(), "views");
jobargs.put(EAI_DATA.value(), translateData(zones,dashboard,globalVars));
jobargs.put("eai:acl:sharing", "app");
jobargs.put(TEMP_SPLUNK_APP.value(), zones.getSplunk_app() == null ? "search" : zones.getSplunk_app());

return jobargs;

I am trying to set this key "sharing"


<s:key name="eai:acl">
<s:key name="app">search</s:key>
<s:key name="can_change_perms">1</s:key>
<s:key name="can_list">1</s:key>
<s:key name="can_share_app">1</s:key>
<s:key name="can_share_global">0</s:key>
<s:key name="can_share_user">1</s:key>
<s:key name="can_write">1</s:key>
<s:key name="modifiable">1</s:key>
<s:key name="owner">svc-gps</s:key>
<s:key name="perms" />
<s:key name="removable">1</s:key>
<s:key name="sharing">user</s:key>


I dont see it is supported in


Is there any other way?

Thank you.




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