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How to correlate two sourcetypes on a single field?

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I wish to correlate two sourcetypes on a single field which I would expect should look something like this:

(sourcetype=type_1 changed_user=*) OR (sourcetype=type_2 users_affected=*) | where changed_user=users_affected | table changed_user, users_affected

Unfortunately this returns no results when I know there are matching results. I have created sample data with "John Smith" appearing in each.

I should also mention that users_affected is likely to have one or more users listed whereas changed_user will only ever have one user listed.

In trying to resolve this I was initially looking for exact matches (on "John Smith") so if anyone knows how I can get this query to first work on an exact match then working to include results where changed_user "exists in" type_2 users_affected that would be much appreciated!

happy to explain further if my intention is not clear!


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I second the second answer 🙂

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