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How to consolidate two sourcetypes for one index to one sourcetype?


I configured the following:

1) Malwarebytes syslog configured to send syslog to Splunk server
2) Configured rsyslog.conf on Splunk server to write Malwarebytes syslog to one file per day
3) Configured Splunk to monitor Malwarebytes file directory
4) Selected automatic as sourcetype

After the initial config, one sourcetype - mwbytes - was listed. I then did field extractions. Two days passed and when I do a query in the Malwarebytes index I now see a second sourcetype - mwbytes-too_small - and I'm not seeing the field extractions unless I specifically select the mwbytes sourcetype.

How do I get rid of the mwbytes-too_small sourcetype and have all events listed as the mwbytes sourcetype?


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The solution you pointed me to worked like a charm

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