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How to configuring Splunk to not truncate scripted input running on the universal forwarder?

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I've got a scripted input running on a universal forwarder that generates json output to the tune of 18,000+ lines.  However, when I query for its events in the Splunk search, it shows only 13 lines per event.


    "apiVersion": "v1",
    "items": [
            "apiVersion": "apps/v1",
            "kind": "Deployment",
            "metadata": {
                "annotations": {
                    "": "1",
                    "": "myPublicEndpoint1",
                    "": "myrelease1",
                    "": "mynamespace1"


 I've tried setting TRUNCATE to both 0 and 1000000 in props.conf for the scripted input's sourcetype ("scriptedinput1") on both the universal forwarder and the search instances and restarted the services, but the truncating remains the same.




I should also note that I'm not seeing "truncating" anywhere in my splunkd.log on the universal forwarder and search instances.  Any assistance with configuring Splunk to not truncate my scripted input running on the universal forwarder would be greatly appreciated.

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Obviously, the problem is not with Splunk truncating events or the TRUNCATE setting would make a difference and you would see truncate messages in the log.

Verify the script is running correctly by saving its output to a file and examining the file.

If the file is good, use the Add Data wizard to load it into Splunk and check that events are breaking where they should.  Adjust the settings in the wizard as necessary to get events to load completely.  Then save those settings in the props.conf file for the sourcetype.

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