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How to configure props.conf to parse timestamps for two different types of events?



I have a feed that has two different types of events and need to grab them both. Not sure how to do's a sample:

Tracking [].
The current time is 6/14/2016 1:25:29 PM.
13:25:29 d:-00.0000359s o:-00.0204019s  [                           *                           ]
13:26:29 d:-00.0000379s o:-00.0215103s  [                           *                           ]
13:27:29 d:-00.0000370s o:-00.0224686s  [                           *                           ]
Tracking [].
The current time is 6/14/2016 1:41:12 PM.
13:41:12 d:-00.0000390s o:+00.1655246s  [                           *                           ]
13:42:12 d:-00.0000452s o:+00.1666010s  [                           *                           ]
13:43:12 d:-00.0000363s o:+00.1684723s  [                           *                           ]
13:44:12 d:-00.0000391s o:+00.1697982s  [                           *                           ]

I want to grab the first two lines as one event, using the second line's timestamp, and grab the ones below as single line events, using that timestamp and then do the same as they appear.


Here's a props.conf sourcetype definition that does that...



SHOULD_LINEMERGE set to true so Splunk considers multiline events
LINE_BREAKER is set to either carriage return (\r) or newline (\n) to cover different line break encoding
BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE further restricts the line breaking to only occur when the regex pattern occurs after the newline

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