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How to configure multi-value parameters for a Modular Input?

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I'm building a Modular Input and I need to accept an arbitrary number of values for a given parameter. The SDKs seem support this via multi-value parameters (see param_list in this sample input definition):

<stanza name="foobar://bbb">
  <param name="param1">value11</param>
  <param name="param2">value22</param>
  <param name="disabled">0</param>
  <param name="index">default</param>
  <param_list name="multiValue">
  <param_list name="multiValue2">

The problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to configure my stanzas in inputs.conf and input.conf.spec to cause parameters to be passed to my modular input in this format. All of the SDKs seem to support multi-value parameters, but I've not been able to find any documentation on how to actually set the parameters.

In my inputs.conf I've tried:

someParameter = value1;value2

someParameter = value1,value2

someParameter = "value1";"value2"

someParameter = "value1","value2"

someParameter = value1
someParameter = value2

someParameter1 = value1
someParameter2 = value2

But none of these work. How do I pass parameters from inputs.conf to a modular input as a multi-value parameter list (param_list)?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

To way to tell Splunk to split configuration parameters into a list of parameters is via the introspection XML scheme. For example, on Windows, the perfmon input uses this feature:

b:\>%splunk_home%\etc\system\bin\perfmon.cmd --scheme
            <arg name="counters">

The presence of "list_delimiter" tells Splunk that "counters" is a multi-value parameter, and that the delimiter is ";". This will cause the configuration setting to be split by that delimiter.