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How long does it take after creation of SID using RestAPI to get the actual result?

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I run an api to create a sid. I immediately run another api to pull the results as a csv file. There is a wait time required between these two api calls. At least a wait of 5 seconds is required. This 5 seconds does not work all the time and sometimes it is a bit longs and sometimes it is a bit faster.

Is there a way that I can run these two api's in one shot and get the results?,First I create the SID and then I need to wait (Thread.Sleep(5000)) for at least 5 seconds before I hit the next api to pull the results as a csv. Now this 5 seconds is not a constant. I need a way to get the search results as a one api call or a way to know how long will it take to wait between the two api calls.

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