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How do you url encode a query you want to send to splunk?


On the splunk dev rest api guide it says that splunk queries sent through curl must first be url encoded.

Some url encoders will turn a spacebar into a %20 symbol for instance. The page then goes on to show an example of url encoding with a python built in function. Can you just use the built in curl url encode function?

I have a query that uses rex in a way like this and I'm not sure how to url encode correctly. Although I need to try the query out again on another search head later today.
index=index obscure=keyword earliest=8/5/2012:0:0:0 latest=8/6/2012:0:00:0 datehour=16 (dateminute>=20 AND dateminute<30) | rex "(?im)^(?:[^:\\n]*:){3}\\d+\\s+(?P[^ ]+) (?P[^ ]+)" | rex "(?i) url: (http://)?(?P[^?]+)" | search method="login" OKurl="" | stats count AS HIT BY date_mday

You'll notice all the weird characters. I don't think splunk likes it when I url encode the spacebar character, so I'm just wondering what characters need to be url encoded.

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Curl should take care of encoding for you. There is an option "--data-urlencode" that should do the trick. You don't need to do anything, except escape it for your shell so it doesn't get altered before curl gets it 🙂 If you think you have problem with your shell messing with the data, you can try putting it into file and passing to curl with @filename option for --data-urlencode (see curl man-page). Also this this tutorial can be useful.

If tempted to encode your string manually (not recommended), here is the spec what to do.