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How do you blacklist within inputs.conf?

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Hi all,

What's the exact way we can use blacklist in the inputs.conf file? Below is my example, and I am not sure if I should use regex or the path directly.

[monitor://C:\Program Files\Splunk*\etc...*.conf]
disabled = false
sourcetype = Conf
blacklist://C:\Program Files\Splunk*\etc...\app.conf

this stanza is to index all the Splunk config files. But I wanted to ignore the app.conf file under the same path. And also what's the correct format to use a second blacklist for another path?

Thank you all.

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The blacklist configuration actually points to a regular expression so the following should work -

blacklist = C:\\Program Files\\Splunk.*\\etc.*\\app\.conf

@DalJeanis spoke about it at Unable to blacklist multiple patterns using "|" in inputs.conf ?

It shows there how to use multiple regular expressions using the | sign.

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