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How do you add Perfmon:Process in universal forwarders?



How do you add Perfmon:Process into Splunk universal forwarders? I tried using the guides, but Splunk does not show any new Source/type.

I added the following in both inputs.conf and wmi.conf. Do I need just one of them?

I added the files in /etc/system/local/ directory of each server that has a UF:


## Processes
interval = 10
wql = SELECT Name, IDProcess, PrivateBytes, PercentProcessorTime FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process
index = windows
disabled = 0


interval = 10
object = Process
counters = *
instances = *
index = windows

Also in inputs.conf

disabled = 0

disabled = 0

disabled = 0

The default index for the Windows event logs "wineventlog" seems to grow, but I can't see them in any of the servers. How do I search them? Are they supposed to show up in Source or Source Type?

Please help.



You can add perfmon monitoring by using either of those stanzas. Both are not required. The default sourcetype name should be "Perfmon:Process". Try searching the following to see if any events are being indexed:


Here is some additional information:

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