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How do I set up a login to Splunk forwarder?

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Apparently the Splunk forwarder (splunkforwarder) has a web interface listening on port 8089. When I try to login with "admin/changeme" I get "Remote login has been disabled for 'admin' with the default password. Either set the password, or override by changing the 'allowRemoteLogin' setting in your server.conf file."

I can't find documentation on how to set a user and password up on this interface. Can this be done? Does the interface return any useful info?

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You can open the management port(default 8089) on the forwarder, but to access this port you need to change the default admin password on the forwarder from "changeme" to something different. Once you have done that, you can access the apps and configurations on the forwarder using REST endpoint and get information on inputs and outputs.

Change password - ./splunk edit user admin -password foo -role admin -auth admin:changeme

Restart forwarder

Access rest endpoint - and enter admin credentials or

OR use CURL command - curl -k -u admin:<password>

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