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How do I set the CRON job for scripted inputs so that the timezone is not UTC?



I have a scripted input with a CRON set to 50 5-23 * * * so that it "sleeps" between the hours of midnight and 6AM.  I noticed, however, that the script is "sleeping" between the ours of 2AM and 8AM.  After investigating I discovered that the CRON was running with UTC time standard and not my time zone, which is currently CEST.

How do I set it to run in line with my timezone instead of the UTC time standard?  With other objects like saved searches the timezone is retrieved from the account that owns the object, but with scripted inputs I don't see this option.



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For some of the users,  the server limits the cron use.  EasyCron is an option. To those who don't know how to use crontab, EasyCron is a great alternative 🙂

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