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How do I remove field data before indexing?

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Hi Team,

I need to remove a field data before the data gets indexed to Splunk.

The field that needs to be removed is in between the log and it has several lines.

sample data:

dv_u_business_duration_in_seconds="",closed_by="",sys_created_by="",sys_domain_path="/",dv_business_duration="",dv_work_notes="2018-08-05 09:46:09 - *******


field name in work_Notes

Note: I tried the null

In Props.conf

TRANSFORMS-null= tasknull


FIELDS = work_Notes
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

Thanks in advance.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hi @SathyaNarayanan

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These name value pairs are extracted at search time, not index time.

Btw, props.conf might have been -

[<sourcetype name>]
TRANSFORMS = tasknull

Suppressing the name value pairs extraction at search time can be done via the explanations at Disable Automatic Field Extraction or How to avoid extracting fields from quoted values?

Unfortunately, it requires disabling the extractions by KV_MODE=none in props.conf in the search heads and creating your own extractions.

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You can replace the other portion of the events with blank during index time, so only the necessary information gets logged.

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