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How do I remove Splunk from my Mac?

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How do i remove splunk from my mac, including the spunk folder which reappears every time i send it to trash?

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Re: How do I remove Splunk from my Mac?


hi leroygsmith
another possibility is to Uninstall Splunk Enterprise manually
if you can't use package management commands, use these instructions to uninstall Splunk Enterprise.

Note: These instructions will not remove any init scripts that have been created

1. Stop Splunk Enterprise.

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk stop
2. Find and kill any lingering processes that contain "splunk" in its name.
for macos
kill -9 `ps ax | grep splunk | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1;}'`
3. Remove the Splunk Enterprise installation directory, $SPLUNK_HOME. For example:
Note: For Mac OS, you can also remove the installation directory by dragging the folder into the trash.
4. Delete the splunk user and group, if they exist.

i think i will give you a link i think this may help this can also help you if the above step do not work


Re: How do I remove Splunk from my Mac?


to complete answer of Mr juvetm above
if your spunk folder is : splunk_home=/opt/splunk,
run this command .

 $ sudo su  
 $ password
# cd /opt/ 
# remove -rf  splunk

to remove splunk and the spunk folder. onne time

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