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How do I enable CORS in Splunk Enterprise ?


I was trying to build application outside the Splunk web interface using Splunk REST APIs and Angular 6 I Got**CORS rejection error

REST API ( I used 😞 https://localhost:8089/services/auth/login

alt text
*angular Code : *

  login(data) {
    const body = new URLSearchParams();
    body.set('username', data.username);
    body.set('password', data.password);
    body.set('output_mode', 'json');
    const options = {
      headers: new HttpHeaders().set('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')
  console.log(body.toString());'https://localhost:8089/services/auth/login', body.toString(), options).subscribe(
        (resData) => {
        (err) => {

but it is working fine with Post man

Then I tried Changing server.conf
alt text

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Path Finder

If you have admin access to the Splunk server that will receive the requests there is a setting for this in server.conf.

crossOriginSharingPolicy =

If the intent here is to build an application that will connect to any Splunk instance with a username and password then it is a matter of following the CORS protocol and using an API container.



Have you tried to connect Splunk using SplunkJavascript SDK?

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ya @kamlesh_vaghela , i tried with splunk-sdk(JS) in node Js and it is working good.

but now i'm using ReST API's of Splunk and i'm getting CORSS rejection Error

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