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How do I add data into Splunk when logged in as an administrator?

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When i am adding data on Splunk Enterprise, I see:

You do not have the capability to add data. Please contact your administrator. 

But I am logged in as an administrator user.

How do I add data into Splunk?

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@swarnendu30 - Looks like you have a few possible solutions to your question. If one of them provided a working solution, please don't forget to click "Accept" below the best answer to resolve this post. If you still need help, please leave a comment. Don’t forget to upvote anything that was helpful too. Thanks!

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You must have indexing disabled on that server (maybe a forwarder)? Either re-enable indexing on that instance, or try to create the data input on a Splunk instance that has indexing enabled.

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A simple way for a first contact:

For other options, you can try to do this:


Rodrigo Ribeiro

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have you looked through this doc to get data into Splunk? There are multiple ways. Are you doing this through the GUI or through .conf files?

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