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How do I Email results from Python script to users through REST API?

Hello Experts,

I have created a machine learning model and am fetching data from Splunk to generate real-time predictions for my problem. I'm extracting the data from Splunk using REST API python library.


Once I generate the prediction from Python script, I have to email the result to specific users. I'm not sure how do I do that?

Through REST API is there an Option to send the results using "sendemail" command? ( how do I pass result variable through REST ?)

import splunklib.client as client
import splunklib.results as results
import sys
from time import sleep

service = client.connect(
searchquery_normal = r"search criteria " 

kwargs_normalsearch = {"exec_mode": "normal"}
job =, **kwargs_normalsearch)

#results as a dataframe
lst = list(results.ResultsReader(job.results()))
df = pd.DataFrame(lst)

#Apply the ML model and print the prediction
prediction = fittedModel.predict(np.array(df.head(1)))
print('Prediction = '+'{:,}'.format(int(p)))

#Send the prediction to a receipient

####something like
####searchquery_normal = r"|sendemail prediction value recipientaddress " 

I would really appreciate your help here.


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