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How can i get a timestamp when time only shows time and date is randomly assigned on other lines?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Stumped here.

I have a logfile that looks like

18:21:05 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 8/16/2017
18:26:06 (ansyslmd) TIMESTAMP 8/16/2017
18:05:35 (ansyslmd) OUT: "hfss_solve"  
18:05:50 (ansyslmd) IN: "hfss_solve"  
18:20:32 (ansyslmd) OUT: "hfss_solve"  
18:20:32 (ansyslmd) IN: "hfss_solve"  
18:21:05 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 8/17/2017
18:26:06 (ansyslmd) TIMESTAMP 8/17/2017
19:28:24 (ansyslmd) OUT: "hfss_solve"  
19:28:37 (ansyslmd) IN: "hfss_solve"  
19:36:27 (ansyslmd) OUT: "hfss_solve"  
19:36:39 (ansyslmd) IN: "hfss_solve"  

The time part is correct on the left. And whenever a 'TIMESTAMP' line shows up id like to make that the correct 'date' portion of the timestamp used for the event in Splunk.

Can somebody tell me how to get this done. Im expecting ill need to setup a new sourcetype in Splunk for it. Can someone give me an outline of how to get this done here?

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This likely requires configuring a custom datetime.xml for your sourcetype. For starters, take a look at this thread and see if it gets you on the right track. Not sure how it will behave for those events that are missing the date completely.
Let us know if you get stuck.

As an alternative, you could pre-process these log files on the source system and rewrite events to always contain a proper timestamp (using invalid_cause/unarchive_cmd)

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