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How can eventdata from specific sourcetypes be forwarded to syslog on a heavy forwarder?


I'm trying to forward Windows logs from a Splunk indexer over to a syslog server. The indexer parses both Windows and Linux logs. I would like to only send events from a set of Windows sourcetypes over to syslog. I have tried configuring outputs.conf, props.conf, and transforms.conf as described in the guide for sending data to third party systems but don't believe it's forwarding properly.

outputs.conf (The syslog server listens on 515)

server =


TRANSFORMS-win = send_to_syslog


FORMAT = win_syslog_group
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the props.conf should be some thing like this
TRANSFORMS-win = send_to_syslog

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Did you had a look on the following option in the outputs.conf documentation:

syslogSourceType = <string>

As you obviously don't have syslog logdata, Splunk will possibly add a correct syslog header (at least timestamp+host) to your logs.

Unfortunately I don't know how it is handling the bunch of line breaks.

As rroberts suggests I would prefer TCP routing too, using the tcpout stanzas.

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