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How can I pass Splunk output from one Splunk server to another?


Is it possible that I have two Splunk servers running one at my office location which has historical data and other one in my laptop which I am carrying. If I fire some query for which data is available at office location but I want the result at my laptop. I understand that I can run Cloud service or have the data on Cloud and do this task easily. But my concern is, that I have slow speed internet on my laptop when I am travelling. So in that case, is it possible that I run a query for which the data is on Splunk server which is at office.

Also, on my laptop some other device will be dumping huge data and I want to correlate the data on laptop and data at my office location. And both locations have different Splunk servers.

Please advice.

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You can most likely set up distributed searching, so that you configure your laptop Splunk instance to use the office Splunk as a Search Peer. That way it can search both instances and make the correlations.


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