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How can I make the Powershell add-on script's run on a schedule?


I have an add-on that I'm deploying on Windows systems. inputs.conf looks like this:
script = . "C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\etc\apps\Powershell_add_on\bin\Get-Policies.ps1
schedule = 0 * * *
sourcetype = WindowsPowershell
index = test
disabled = 0
I want this to run at every minute 0, every hour.
But It runs only once when I start Universal Forwarder. Then, when I restart forwarder, it runs again and only once. When forwarder is working for 2 or more hours(script should run at least 2 times) just nothing happens.
How can I make scripts run on schedule?


Hi eduardKiyko,

looking at your schedule = 0 * * * entry it looks like your are missing one additional * . Therefore this is not a valid cron schedule and Splunk uses the default option for schedule. From the docs

schedule = [<number>|<cron schedule>]
* How often to run the specified PowerShell command or script.
* You can specify a number in seconds, or provide a valid cron
* Defaults to running the command or script once, at startup.

Find more details on valid cron notation here

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS


In the inputs.conf make the following entry to run it every 30 mins (30*60). default is 5 mins.

interval = 1800

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I'm encountering the same issue. Did you find a resolution?

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Path Finder

Nope, not yet. Using Task Scheduler for now... (It's only on one machine.)

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I'm having a similar issue. Basically I've configured it to run every 5 minutes (splunkd doesn't say it's an invalid cron), however it only runs once at start. Sometimes it will run once at start, and then 5 minutes later (so I know the cron is correct) but then never again. If I do it the old way (i.e. cmd and invoking powershell) it works fine.

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