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How can I list out the services request to splunk by user?

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Could you please help me in listing out the services request to splunk by user, I' m trying to upload it to the ticketing tool

Type                   service         desc






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@AL3Z - Here are a few of the topics. You may want to get a few details on them to add to the description

  • Data Onboarding & Parsing & Timestamp Extraction
  • App/Add-on Installation
  • Field Extractions
  • Correlation & Alerts & Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Data Models and Summary Indexing
  • Custom scripts like custom commands, custom alert actions, and other custom use-cases
  • Custom dashboarding and visualization


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Say more words, please.  What problem are you trying to solve?

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What type of services we can request to splunk from user perspective after that i will add it to the ticketing tools of my company 


Type                service 

Onboarding    logs,app install  etc.

Operational  creating correlation search etc.

Appliances upgrade splunk enterprise etc.

And so on..



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I'm still not sure what you want.  What is it you wish the ticket to accomplish?

Splunk does not have "services".  Splunk users are given roles and those roles have a number of defined capabilities.  The built-in roles, in order of increasing capability, are 'user', 'power user', and 'admin' (on-prem) or 'sc_admin' (Splunk Cloud).  The first two items in your list are available only to users with the 'admin' or 'sc_admin' role (or other roles that inherit one of those roles).

The last item on your list is external to Splunk.  Splunk upgrades are performed by the OS user that "owns" the software.

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