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How can I import data from MySQL tables into Splunk assets ?


I have some data in MySQL , and I have DB Content in Splunk.

Now I want import MySQL data into Splunk assets , but I just find how import data from csv files .


I knew this documentation : Collect and extract asset and identity data in Splunk Enterprise Security - Splunk Documentation  , but I don't know how "Use Splunk DB Connect" for import data .



And , this page is null (v7.0.1) : Define identity formats - Splunk Documentation 


PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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@KleeJean - I don't know if there is any better way to do this, but here is what will work for sure.

  • Install DB Connect on the same search head as Enterprise Security. - 
  • Create a scheduled report (keep intervals according to how often you think data in the database is getting changed.)


| dbxquery query="<write-your-query-here>" connection="<dbx-connection>" 
| outputlookup my_sql_data.csv​


  • Use my_sql_data.csv file as an Enterprise Security asset file.


I hope this helps!!!

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Splunk DB Connect is an app that can read data from a SQL database.  Download it from splunkbase and install it on a search head or heavy forwarder.  Documentation for DB Connect is at

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