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i have a list of string lets say  "abc" "bcd" "def" "efg" "fgh".

I want to search each of these string against a query for example :


index=xyz sourcetype=logs host=localhost
| table _time,  _raw

and i want to search it as - if this string occurs in the result-set within last 10 days then it should print "present" otherwise it should print "absent"

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if you have only small number of strings which you are looking, then you can try this

index=xyz sourcetype=logs host=localhost earliest=-10d@d
| rex "(?<foo1>string1)"
..... ```Add all strings here one by one```
| rex "(?<fooN>stringN)"
| stats values(foo*) as foo*
| fillnull value=NULL foo1 ... fooN ```here you must named all variables```
| foreach foo* 
    [eval present_<<FIELD>> = if ('<<FIELD>>' == "NULL", "absent", "present")]
| table foo* present*

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