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Hi there.
I have a splunk enterprise setup. I have gone through forwarders concept.
If I need a remote system to be monitored in the sense, I need it to be configured as forwarder and our splunk enterprise in our system as indexer right?
But I need to monitor a remote server which as no splunk installed in it. but My system and that server are in same corporate domain but in different cities. ( pinging was successful to the server in cmd to check connectivity)
So if there is any way to get data or monitor a file in that remote server without installing splunk in it. Please specify
Thanks in advance.

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The best way is to install a universal forwarder in remote server.

Othe way is to mount the filesystem of the remote server with the log file in the indexer (NO RECOMENDED AT ALL).

Hope i help you.

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Hi ,
is there a way to monitor without installing anything. On the server we want to monitor we have no access rights to install anything.
And the other way you are talking about can you please elaborate how to achieve it.

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