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German umaulat Character is not getting recognized by Splunk Universal Forwarder


My PowerShell script results with "german umaulat" character into data. In our local lab Splunk Universal Forwarder runs this script at some interval and forwards data to Splunk Enterprise(SearchHead)

Now when I manually run this script, I can see that character without encoding(original value ) but when I receive the events from UF, I can see that those characters are encoded on my SH.I have also added "CHARSET=UTF-8" into props.conf on both side(forwarder and receiver)

Now my questions are:
1) Does Universal Forwarder read props.conf?
2) Where should I handle this characters?

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  1. Yes, UF reads props on some occasions such as everything under "Structured Data Header Extraction and configuration" in props.conf.spec and everywhere else you see "this setting is for forwarders" (Just search the page for "forwarder", you'll see them)

  2. Character Encoding happens in the Parsing Queue which happens on heavy forwarders and indexers

To solve your encoding problem, try setting the CHARSET=iso-8859-1 instead.

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