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Extracting date from file name via custom datetime.xml not working...

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Here is the file name and my datetime.xml config. When I apply this and try to import the data, Splunk gets stuck in preview and never shows the data.

Thanks in advance for the assist!

File Name:


Datetime.xml Config


<define name="_masheddate3" extract="month, day, year">

        <use name="_masheddate3"/>



Hello @1500372,

I have followed same steps which you have mentioned in comment but am not getting any date extraction. Could you please help me

copy datetime.xml to specific directory.
cp -p /home/splunk/etc/datetime.xml /home/splunk/etc/system/local/my_datetime.xml

configure props.conf
DATETIME_CONFIG = /etc/system/local/my_datetime.xml

Put your datetime configuration to my_datetime.xml (I didn't remove anything from my_datetime.xml)

restart Splunk and monitor file

Thanks in Adavance

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might help.

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I myself have the same problem with a file name like the one above. Your xml output looks ok.

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Did you remove all of configuration from datetime.xml? Why don't you copy datetime.xml from /etc to your directory?
I got the same situation and I resolved that like below.

  1. copy datetime.xml to specific directory.
    cp -p /home/splunk/etc/datetime.xml /home/splunk/etc/system/local/my_datetime.xml

  2. configure props.conf
    DATETIMECONFIG = /etc/system/local/mydatetime.xml

  3. Put your datetime configuration to mydatetime.xml (I didn't remove anything from mydatetime.xml)

  4. restart Splunk and monitor file
    At that moment,I saw my test file name of ADESSFANALL0108201401172014195441.csv was indexed with expected timestamp. (14/01/08

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What date is Splunk indexing it? The last modified date? That is what my file is being indexed as. I have no field inside my csv to represent time or date. Does yours?

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