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Deploying Custom Splunk Docker Image Ansible Issue

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Hi all,

Right now I'm just trying to deploy a Docker container with Splunk installed from an image built from source (from Splunk's GH page: The custom elements will come later, I'm just trying to get the default splunk-centos-7 image to work.

I'm running inside a Centos 8 VM with Docker installed. I believe this is a configuration issue, but I can't find anything online mentioning what to do.

My workflow from inside the cloned repo dir:

  • Make the image (this is straight from the master branch)
    sudo make splunk-centos-7

  • This successfully builds the image. Then, I run (with the proper password):
    sudo docker run -it -p 8000:8000 -e "SPLUNK_PASSWORD=<password>" -e "SPLUNK_START_ARGS=--accept-license" <image ID>

    • This causes to eventually run ansible-playbook $ANSIBLE_EXTRA_FLAGS -i inventory/ site.yml
  • This is where my issue is - I get the error:
    TASK [Provision role] ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    [WARNING]: 'splunk' is undefined

I've tried the recommendation at and running with a default.yml file, but I get an Ansible error when including the splunk_standalone role.

It feels like I'm missing some configuration somewhere. The build succeeds, but trying to run the container fails. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Never received an answer on building from source, but I found a work around for my need.

I was trying to STIG a Splunk container, so all I had to do was make a Dockerfile using splunk/splunk:latest as the the base image, and copy/run a bash script in there.

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