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Data Inputs REST / HTTP Header Properties: How can I specify a value with an "aring" (å) character in it?

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Hi all,

So I am trying to specify a rest data input and I think there is a problem specifying a Header property which has a value with an "aring" (å) in it. I edited it into inputs.conf, but it was converted to an "a" when I saved the configuration back from Splunk Web.

I had same problem with curl as well; I got it to work by adding the property to a file which was read by means of the -K switch.
And it had to be an ANSI encoded file.

I have the following configuration which should be ok I think:

auth_password = 
auth_type = none
auth_user = 
backoff_time = 30
endpoint = https://aServer.a.dom.ain:8443/aProgram/system?_action=test
host = idm
http_method = POST
index = idm
index_error_response_codes = 1
polling_interval = 22
response_type = json
sequential_mode = 0
sourcetype = json_no_timestamp
streaming_request = 0
http_header_propertys = X-Username=aUserName,X-Password=N_XyZåAbC
disabled = 0

Does anybody know a way to input this password (seemingly ANSI-encoded) with the awkward å (aring)?

Unfortunately, changing the password is not an option.

Thanks and regards,
Bård Tørustad

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Did you find a solution, Bard?

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Yeah what he said... Try \xc3a5 or 0xc3a5 in place of the aring. If that doesn't work, try this urlencoding of it %C3%A5

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There is a UTF8 encoding for aring (0x'c3a5') , which is different from the UTF16 encoding (0x'00E5')

Have you tried turning the whole thing into a hex UTF8 character string? That would look something like this

UTF8   0x004E005F00580079005AC3A5004100620043
UTF16  0x004E005F00580079005A00E5004100620043
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I just posted a drilldown question to make sure the code sample has been vetted for format -

Posted here -

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