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DNS lookup failed for "$decideOnStartup": Host not found (authoritative)


When 'tail -f /opt/streamfwd/var/log/streamfwd.log' is executed

Why do I get the following message?

WARN [140610710128384] (HTTPRequestSender.cpp:1485) stream.SplunkSenderHTTPEventCollector - (#0) DNS lookup failed for "$decideOnStartup": Host not found (authoritative)
WARN [140610710128384] (HTTPRequestSender.cpp:1470) stream.SplunkSenderHTTPEventCollector - (#0) Recovery attempt failed

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The error message says clearly "DNS lookup failed" which means that system resolver cannot determine reliably a hostname for the local IP. You can run some packet capture tool to verify what lookup exactly is performed at the start of the UF.

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There's several older posts that seem to be related to a default setting not being correct in their case in an etc/system/local/inputs.conf.  I would check through your Splunk configs to see if there's a server name not set correctly, or if an override is in place that is causing it to use a non-existent hardcoded value instead of relying on what the OS thinks the server name is (i.e. look through our .conf files):

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same problem here

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