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Why is host=$decideOnStartup for Splunk Stream, but not other events?

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I have several Windows servers that the host=$decideOnStartup, but other Windows events correctly provide the Windows host name.  

Any ideas why and how to correct this?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Having only splunk stream show "$decideOnStartup" in the hostname of events, while other inputs correctly reflect the real hostname is a known bug in version 7.3.0 and earlier 

Issue ID: STREAM-4641, STREAM-4635

When I installed version 7.4.0 and this problem vanished for my system.



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I have updated to 7.4 and host still equals $decideOnStartup for all Stream logs.  Are there any input.conf file changes required?

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Hi @dokaas_2,

Some modular inputs including streamfwd do not respect $decideOnStartup variable. 

I think you deleted $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\system\local\inputs.conf file or delete host definition. Normally inputs gets the %COMPUTERNAME% environment variable to use as host field, but stream app.

As a resolution you should create inputs.conf on the forwarders that runs Stream add-on like below sample;

host = system_hostname


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