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I am trying to get metrics data into Splunk using collectd and metrics seems to be coming in fine. Want to add more context to the data by adding tags and was wondering how to get them be handled as dimensions

Sending the test data like below

curl -k https://x.x.x.x:8088/services/collector/raw?sourcetype=collectd_http   -H "Authorization: Splunk xxxxx"                                      -d '[{"values":[164.9196798931339196],"dstypes":["derive"],"dsnames":["value"],"time":1540317794.894,"interval":10.000,"host":"splunkserver:","plugin":"protocols","plugin_instance":"IpExt","type":"protocol_counter","type_instance":"InOctets","fields":{"region":"us-east-1","datacenter":"us-east-1a"}}]'

It seems to be posting in fine, was wondering if I can create a custom sourcetype for collectd and make all fields as dimensions? Any ideas?

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You can use splunk_write plugin for that, which can be found in unix-agent.tgz. More info here


Yes, seen this and we have got it to work using this approach. However one thing that was observed is that with regular collectd rpm it doesn't work. We had to follow the compile steps to get it to work. I wonder why do we need to compile? It's basically from the same source. Question now is why wont write_splunk plugin work directly with the rpm version of collectd

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