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Can you track the size of a log file?


I've been browsing around and was wondering is there a way to track a specific log file size (source)? The main reason I want to have an alert that if that files gets too big to have Splunk kick of a script to archive it. I really haven't been able to find a way to do this and was just wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue? Thanks everyone for your help.

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Re: Can you track the size of a log file?


Hi @flyers777,
you could run a script that extract the size of files using a simple dir command (in Windows) or an ls -la command (in Linux) sending the output to Splunk, then you can run a search that compares values alerting it it reach a threeshold.

You can find infos at but in few words:

  • you have to create a script in $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/yourapp/bin e.g. called (in Linux),
  • give to the script the correct execution rights,
  • create a stanza in inputs.conf to schedule script.


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