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Can I configure defaultGroup when remotely deploying a *nix universal forwarder with a static configuration?


I am deploying universal forwarders with a bash script that is based on the sample script in

My issue is that defaultGroup is defaulted to "default-autolb-group" in splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/outputs.conf.

I would like to default defaultGroup to "splunkcloud" rather than "default-autolb-group". Is there a Splunk-specific way to do that?

This document mentions that there are CLI commands for customizing forwarding behavior, but I cannot find any detail beyond that:

I appreciate any help!

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The following configuration for any splunk enterprise version (not for universal forwarder)

The below configuration send the data with sourcetype=mysourcetype to the indexer and remaining data to indexer.

Hope this configuration helps you.

TRANSFORMS-tcpfwd = sendtotcpreceiver



defaultGroup = default-group

[tcpout: default-group]
server =

[tcpout:tcpreceivergroup] <-- To Splunk indexer

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