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Blacklisting Account_Name=ftpadmin ??


I am trying to blacklist Windows service account named, ftpadmin from all servers. I tried:

disabled = 0
startfrom = oldest
only = 0
evtresolvead_obj = 1
checkpointInterval = 5
blacklist1 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:\s+(?!groupPolicyContainer)"
blacklist2 = EventCode="566" Message="Object Type:\s+(?!groupPolicyContainer)"

blacklist3 = Account_Name=ftpadmin

that did not work. so I tried by putting ftpadmin in quotation:

blacklist3 = Account_Name="ftpadmin"

but that did not work either. Could someone help please?
Thank you.

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Re: Blacklisting Account_Name=ftpadmin ??


Hi Nathanpyun, There is a list of valid key names in the "Create advanced filters with 'whitelist' and 'blacklist'" section in this page :

It doesn't look like Account_Name is a valid key, and so I suspect that might be your issue. The "User" key might be what you are looking for. Please let me know if that helps!

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