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Best practice when data is imported wrong?


What would be the best practice / standard operating procedure when data is imported wrong into Splunk? I imported a webserver server error logs into splunk and did not select the correct date / time.

See this thread -

Now that the data has been imported, and I know it is wrong, should the data be removed? I am not even sure how to remove data from splunk?

Or, rename the server error log, reupload, and search only the new error log name?

This is a windows 10 system using free Splunk.

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If it is in an index all by itself, just delete the whole index. If not, then use the ... | delete command to hide it from searches (it will still be there because data in a Splunk index is immutable, but it will not show in any search results). The worst thing that you can do is to do nothing: do not leave junk in Splunk.

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