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Add-On for OpenTelemetry Collector in enterprise

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Hello all,
I am trying to ingest metrics via Opentelemetry in an enterprise environment. I have installed the Splunk Add-On for OpenTelemetry Collector , which according to the documentation is compatibl

I have some doubts to configure it:
where can you know the following connection points that my enterprise environment has?
- SPLUNK_API_URL: The Splunk API URL, e.g. 
- SPLUNK_INGEST_URL: The Splunk ingest URL, e.g. 
- SPLUNK_LISTEN_INTERFACE: The network interface the agent receivers listen on.¿?
- SPLUNK_TRACE_URL: The Splunk trace endpoint URL, e.g. 

Is there a configuration file where to view it?
Do I have to do some step before to get those services up?

thanks in advance





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I wouldn't personally start with the Add-On because it just provide you the configuration but to get an real understanding of the otel collector you should check out some documentation.

To collect metrics and send them to your HTTP Event Collector endpoint of your Splunk Enterprise environment you should follow these documentations

Install the Collector for Linux with the installer script — Splunk Observability Cloud documentation

Tutorial: Configure the Splunk Distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector on a Linux host — Splunk Obse...

Collector for Linux default configuration — Splunk Observability Cloud documentation

Splunk HEC exporter — Splunk Observability Cloud documentation

Following metrics are collected by default

Collected metrics for Linux — Splunk Observability Cloud documentation

If you have specific questions just let me know.


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Thank you very much for your answer.

An initial and basic doubt:

Content Pack for Splunk Observability Cloud must be installed on the enterpise environment. Correct?




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If you use ITSI or ITE you could install it but it is not essential to ingest data via OTel.

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Forgive my lack of knowledge. But the variables :


Are configured in ITSI?
I see that they are necessary for the installation of the collector.




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