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Do you have to bribe Splunk Sales for a response?

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Hi. I've tried contacting Splunk Sales on a number of occasions over a 2 month period. Tried emails to their email address (US and AU), contact forms, phone calls leaving voicemails. All to no avail.

I received one response last year saying "we apologise someone will contact you within 24 hours" and about 7 follow ups to that person in email and CC'ed to their US and AU sales teams, never another response.

Out of all companies I've dealt with in over 25 years of IT, Splunk Sales is the worst of the worst.

I'm not hear to criticise, I just want a rep to contact me so I can go through what solutions best fit our needs, plain and simple.

The Splunk sales team seem to be experts in elusiveness. What I don't get is how anyone in a commercial business with shareholders refuse sales?

If someone could advise how to wave a magic wand and get them to respond, please advise.

Otherwise, maybe a reseller?

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I'd received similar.  Informed by sales rep.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi apcsplunkadmin,

I'd be more than happy to have a conversation and point you in the right direction. Please ping me a note at:




sending the sample email.

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Hi, am having the same issue.

We recently deployed their spelunk enterprise trial and was hopping to their support to work be through the solution and also get quote.

It been over a month now can't seem  to be  get anyone to assist. Have sent multiple mail but no acknowledgement or feedback.

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