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JavaScript Splunk SDK for KVStore REST endpoints


Hey, i am trying to write a NodeJS application using Splunks JavaScript SDK and i have a requirement to do some reading/writing to the KVStore, i would prefer not to use SPL (inputlookup/outputlook) and do it using the REST API (KVStore endpoints) but after extensive digging through the splunk-sdk documentation, guides and examples i cannot find anything in the JavaScript Splunk SDK related to the KVStore endpoints.

My initial idea was to extend the splunkjs.Service.Entity and/or splunkjs.Service.Collection but then i thought maybe im missing something and there is a reason this wasn't implemented in the first place or maybe its implemented and somehow i missed it in the documentation.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Should i stick to my initial idea and extend the entity and collection classes or is there some other way without creating jobs and searches?

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@kostya2216 Following Splunk Dev walkthrough will give you an idea on how to achieve this:

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